this morning subbed aquafaba for the flax egg… presto! Hey, I love all your recipes! I had it with homemade sunflower butter (your recipe) berry Compote and dark chocolate shavings on top. Like another commenter said, anything I make from your blog turns out amazing!! Recipe by Minimalist Baker. Take a heaping tablespoon of batter and flatten it before gently placing it in hot oil. they were delicious!!! Thanks so much! I will definitely make them again. & Perfect for the whole family. Explain please. This one is going in the recipe box for sure! Thanks for sharing your additions! We use all Spelt flour instead of the spelt/whole wheat combo. Just googled vegan pancake with spelt and your recipe popped up. Ingredients. Or, Pin it to save for later! Lovely pancakes! Thank-you! I'll make you some latkes!" Soft, nutty, and delicious! The whole household has had them 2 days in a row and we all love them. They were fluffy and pretty substantial. Dec 2, 2012 - These potato pancakes are light and delicious, with little or no oil at all. I have tried several recipes and love them all. 2021 Bustle Digital Group. The spelt flour gave them a really great nutty taste, and they were hearty and filling. Just made these with chopped dates, hazelnuts and chocolate chips! 10-ingredient, 1 bowl vegan pancakes made with whole grains, naturally sweetened and perfectly fluffy and delicious. Otherwise, freeze cooked pancakes in a single layer on a baking sheet and package in a freezer-safe container or plastic bag. Thanks so much! I responded, "Sounds good! Other; Feb 22, 2020 #1 I wasn't aware of the fact (@Danielle's post) that Dana who is the blogger on The Minimalist Baker is now an omni due to health reasons. Naturally sweetened, incredibly healthy, and so delicious. It turned out perfect! So glad you enjoyed them :D. Pancakes are my favorite breakfast foods ever, but I’m embarrassed to say that I don’t think I have ever made them from scratch before! Special Diet. Thanks so much! My 13 year old son has grown up eating my pancake experiments – whole grain and vegan – and he gave them the much coveted thumbs up. I think the raspberries added way too much additional liquid, so I had to add some more flour and baby the pancakes by using a heat resistant silicone spatula when turning them. Instead of using egg for a binder, vegan versions mix in potato starch or flax seed. Light, fluffy, and flavorful. Zak the Baker, a.k.a. Vegetable Recipes. You want the surface to be hot but not screaming hot – oil shouldn’t smoke when it makes contact with the surface. I also grind my own flaxseed and keep it in the freezer along with my assortment of flour since they can go rancid really quickly. Shelise says. They came out golden brown and not too dense. The Little Potato Company's tender skinned Baby Boomers work perfectly here - once they're grated you'd never know we'd… Get our copy of FAN FAVORITES featuring 20 of our most loved, highly-rated recipes! Tender Have to tell you, I’ve made these pancakes twice now, and they are absolutely delicious. I feel like I am eating something from a super delicious health food restaurant! Thanks for sharing! I used unsweetened soy milk in place of almond milk. You got it! They stuck horribly to my oiled and non stick pan, and they stayed a gooey texture regardless of cook time. I’m so grateful for this food blog and how happy it makes me. I will definitely be making these again, thanks!! I love you Dana!!! I wish I had known that the first time I made flaxseed meal! I can’t count how many times I have made these for the family, with a variety of add-ins. They instantly replaced my old standby pancake recipe. We will make them again! This makes me wonder whether a vegan diet may not be for everyone as far as health issues are concerned. Dec 2, 2012 - These potato pancakes are light and delicious, with little or no oil at all. :) Great job, girl! xo. This definitely makes me miss my moms pancakes, which are very similar to yours. Your in-laws are here for the holidays, or maybe friends from out of town. In addition, the scrambled pieces I tried had an odd, fishy aftertaste. Finished with an avocado cream, they look like something you will definitely not have any leftovers of. Feb 26, 2017 - This post is sponsored by The Little Potato Company. I’m in love with all your recipes! Another score for the MB. 1 tsp baking powder. Will reheat well the next day in the microwave. Recipe by Minimalist Baker. I’ve made it dozens of times, and it never fails. Another perfect recipe as always!! Starch+starch+oil? I didn’t have spelt or oat floor so I ground whole oats and added to organic whole wheat. Potato . Good news! Food And Drink. These look fantastic. Wow. 3/4 cup spelt and 1/4 cup wholewheat flour already contain 432 calories, so it doesn’t make sense. And in the morning easy pancakes are just what I want :). These take breakfast to a whole new level of awesome. Okay although I do eat very healthy I didn’t have any of the flour mentioned in the recipe so I substituted unbleached white flour a as I have no gluten allergies. Flip when bubbles appear in the middle and the edges turn slightly dry, being careful not to burn. Very filling too. (If your batter looks too thick, thin it with a little more almond milk.) 1 Tbsp flaxseed meal ((ground raw flaxseed)) 2 1/2 Tbsp water . Extremely fluffy, nutty [I used part rolled oats and part crushed pecans] and so easy to make. How can this recipe be gluten free? Most of the ingredients are pantry staples that you likely have on hand right now! We love seeing our creations in your kitchens. Dec 23, 2013 - Vegan cinnamon roll pancakes made special with a yeasted, whole-grain batter. The pancakes turned out remarkably firm. Simple A slightly more original take on traditional latkes, these haystacks by Minimalist Baker use corn in addition to potatoes. Mar 23, 2013 - Fluffy vegan pancakes studded with peanuts and chocolate chips and topped with a homemade vegan caramel sauce. These turned out very thin and flat after following the recipe exactly. Thank you for keeping things simple! Garden Vegetable Vegan Quiche. I made a version of this on my blog too! I find the flax egg needs to be made with freshly ground to work. Heat 1/4 cup oil in a large skillet. You can add just about anything to them! Thanks for another great recipe :). These homemade, simple, whole grain vegan pancakes are just what you and your family need. Way healthier and tastier than the original, and no cooking involved. Now they are 2-cake servings so the calculations add up. The flax egg worked great and I liked the flavour!! I had trouble with them sticking to the pan, and also not seeming to cook all the way through. :). Recipe by Minimalist Baker. Mar 23, 2013 - Fluffy vegan pancakes studded with peanuts and chocolate chips and topped with a homemade vegan caramel … Great review considering I’ve made a lot of great vegan pancakes! This was amazing with unsweetened coconut milk&chocolate chips:) yum, Such a simple and tasty recipe! Love these pancakes. So good! I’ve been looking everywhere. Our FREE 49-Page Fan Favorites e-Book has 20 recipes we think you’ll LOVE! Every recipe I make from the minimalist baker blog is so tasty and I never feel bad indulging in everything I make. They are a great party food for any celebration. Do you think I can pre mix the batter to take out of town and use for the weekend? When I added the flours in, the batter looked quite runny but I let it rest for 10 minutes and it was the perfect consistency. Then add oil, maple syrup, baking soda, baking powder, and salt and whisk to combine. Thanks for sharing Dana! Need help? I’ve made these twice now, and they’re the best (and healthiest) vegan pancakes I’ve ever tried! It is a species of wheat (or subspecies). I used buckwheat flour, chickpea flour and a larger amount of oats. This recipe is a keeper! I love every recipe of yours that I have made, and am so excited to have found a vegan spelt pancake recipe! I cooked on med heat but they ended up overcooked on the outside and raw on the inside, without much taste to be had… was it really the chia eggs that messed this all up? I also created a similar recipe for vegan pancakes with just 3 main ingredients! Joined Jun 5, 2012 Reaction score 26,584 Location Somewhere in the South Lifestyle. It’s an ancient grain that has a slightly nutty, sweet flavor. So glad you enjoyed these, Bobby! Complimented the nuttiness of the pancakes beautifully. Love your pancakes recipes! These smashed baked potatoes by Oh She Glows look like partially-reconstructed latkes and fully-assembled deliciousness. As the Minimalist Baker herself puts it, “Everyone knows samosas are the best appetizer, so why not make them into latkes?” Serve with applesauce and/or vegan sour cream. Perfect with walnuts, coconut, and hot maple syrup. Next add oats, whole wheat flour, and spelt flour and stir until just combined, being careful not to over mix. Greetings from London xx, These were delicious! Credit: by Geinz Angelina/ Shutterstock. Reply. Easy to make, fluffy, and delicious. Killer pancake recipe. Spelt flour is new to my kitchen but has been around for centuries. I tried these pancakes yesterday and they were delicious. I’ve tried to make healthy pancakes before and they didn’t turn out fluffy and and wouldn’t cook correctly but these turned out amazing! Love all the ingredients! My wife and I have tried several vegan pancake recipes in the past, and we have never been happy with any of them. Of course you can always munch on these crunchy latkes year-round. I just used all oat flour in place of the others….turns out great! Hearty Related: 5 tips for a green and happy Hanukkah! How to do the blueberry compote? I eat eggs occasionally, but always opt for the flax egg when I can since it’s inexpensive and you really can’t tell the difference. I can’t wait to make them again, maybe with shredded carrots the next time. Ingredients 1 medium ripe banana (brown and spotty preferred) 1 1/2 Tbsp olive, avocado, or melted coconut oil (plus a little more for cooking) 1 1/2 Tbsp maple syrup (we recommend Grade A) … An original wheat variety. Staff member. Apr 12, 2017 - Vegan pancakes made with whole-wheat flour, carrots, coconut, and walnuts. This is my go to pancake recipe for a healthy breakfast! Delicious healthy pancakes! 31 total pancakes. Simply delicious! Preheat oven to 275 degrees. We were down to pantry cooking this morning. Happy Hanukkah, and remember: you are allowed to make these delicious vegan latkes any time of year. A fluffy chocolate batter makes a decadent base to a sweet and creamy coconut-vanilla filling. I recently found your blog, so after reading thru the ingredients, and seeing I had everything, I made them. Turned out great.My 1 year old gobbled them up too which was a huge positive! Oreo Cookie Pancakes that are entirely vegan. Wow! 3 cups All-purpose flour, unbleached. thank you! Beyond being healthy, they also taste amazing! I made these today and they were delicious. Fantastic recipe Dana, easy and delicious. I’ll try again next weekend, but for now rather disappointing. You want to impress them! I added alittle agave nectar to the batter and banana slices while cooking and they were amazing. Forks Over Knives offers a healthier baked version of potato-corn latkes. you won’t regret it. These pancakes were amazing! Combined with the flax egg they remind me of one of my favorite chocolate chip cookie recipes. The Maccabees would want it that way. Hello, made Delicious fluffy easy to assemble and yes only one bowl I used King Arthur sprouted whole wheat flour first time using and excellent outcome. these are amazing!!! Used macadamia milk, coconut oil, and wheat flour instead of the spelt. I’m new to your blog– heard you on the lively show :) is there a way to make these gluten free or is that just a totally different recipe? Ingredients. An excellent start to a rainy morning. Well, not really. Thanks for sharing! I added 1 cup of maine blueberries (tiny). I just want to make a quick correction: spelt IS wheat. Another less-traditional spin on latkes, these chickpea pancakes by Vegan Richa look delicious — and more nutritious — than your average latke. Delicious!! Easy vegan taco “meat” made with lentils, carrots, and TONS of smoky spices! I added chocolate chips. Happy vegan Hanukkah, and if you want some more delicious ideas, check out my roundup of vegan Hanukkah recipes. I baked the batter in my Pampered Chef waffle stick pan. Vegan pancakes made with whole-wheat flour, carrots, coconut, and walnuts. Mandy Mazliah Tuesday 28 Feb 2017 6:00 am. I add vanilla extract and cinnamon, then top with either, coconut yogurt, blueberries and maple syrup, or peanut butter, blueberries and maple syrup. Any suggestions would really help, I’m trying to convince my husband vegan pancakes can be just as good, but I haven’t found a tasty recipe yet! My own alteration is that I find I need to add more milk/water to thin the batter so that the pancakes cook evenly in the middle. The flavor was fantastic. Oh so good!! Use ground flaxseed with water to make the flax eggs! I used the spelt flour but used ground oats in place of the whole wheat flour and they turned out fabulous! Food blogger Minimalist Baker has been a favourite for vegan chefs for years, covering hundreds of easily accessible plant-based recipes. Share this article via facebook Share this … Ingredients. Still fried in oil though, not to worry. Mar 12, 2016 - Rich, 10-ingredient vegan cheesecake infused with the flavors of a Snickers bar: caramel, peanuts, and chocolate. While traditional latkes are made with potatoes and onions, I also see no reason not to try some variations on the form. Add almond milk and whisk … Feb 26, 2017 - This post is sponsored by The Little Potato Company. Thanks Dana :-). Thank you so much for the recipe! I reduced oil to 1tsp. I love baking with spelt flour, as I feel that I can handle it better than other grains. ? I made these with the recommended flours and ratios. Thank you for this recipe! (3 tbsp aquafaba=1 egg). Thanks for all the awesome recipes. I have never had a recipe turn out poorly from this blog ?. 181. Thanks for another great recipe! Mix Play all Mix - Minimalist Baker YouTube VEGAN Breakfast Sausage Patties (gluten-free, nut-free, oil-free options) - Duration: 3:51. Really sad with how these turned out. Ingredients. I also top that with sliced banana or frozen mixed berries that have been heated up for a few seconds to mimic a jelly of sorts without the added sugar (: Hi Dana, I was wondering if the nutrition facts were for 1 pancake or for 1 serving? We found a recipe that uses whole wheat kernels so it’s great for using food storage. No spelt flour this time so made oat flour -excellent results. Food And Drink. In the meantime, add the rest of the custard ingredients to a large bowl and whisk until well combined. By far the best whole wheat pancake recipe I have tried! I made them this morning and topped them with warm blueberry sauce. So easy and so good! Vegan Blueberry Pancakes 10-ingredient, 1 bowl vegan pancakes made with whole grains, naturally sweetened and perfectly fluffy and delicious. These pancakes are wholesome thanks to a mix of rolled oats, whole wheat flour, and spelt flour! (*We won’t combine the dry and wet ingredients until just before preparation. These gluten-free latkes by Pure Ella are healthier for going heavier on the parsnips and lighter on the potatoes (and egg, of course). These are great! Thank you so much for the recipie!! They turned out perfectly. First time making pancakes from scratch for me and these turned out perfectly, fluffy with a slightly crunchy edge. Riley. loveee this!! This recipe by Vegan Richa uses quinoa for some extra nutrition and protein with your fried potatoes. 9 ingredients. 1 Tbsp flaxseed meal ((ground raw flaxseed)) 2 1/2 Tbsp water. My boyfriend and I made these tonight and they were amazing! I used the whole wheat+oat flour combo instead of spelt, only added cinnamon and these were great. I used coconut sugar instead of maple syrup to sweeten and added bananas when the pancakes were cooking. Creamy, easy golden milk with dairy-free milk, ginger, turmeric, and coconut oil. Have a question? Rather than mixing in, I just sprinkled the chips/berries on before flipping. Zak Stern. Nobody can say what another person feels within their … Though the standard latke calls for eggs, I knew it wouldn't be a problem to find a vegan latke recipe online. :). Very fluffy and tasty. So good! Yum! I’ve enjoyed quite a few of your recipes as we’ve been transitioning into a wfpb household. Thank you so much for the recipe!! My family’s favorite pancakes!! Sorry, but a waste of good ingredients in my opinion. This recipe sounds delicious! I used whole wheat flour and oat flour. Spelt is certainly an ancient and tasty grain! We’re so glad you enjoy these, Linder! I was looking on your website for inspiration. Hmm, we think that might make them undercooked in the center. As I suspected, luckily, it's totally doable to make vegan latkes, and there are plenty of traditional vegan latke recipes to be found. Basil Jalapeno Corn Fritters Thanks for the recipe :). Check out this tutorial! … The only thing is, the calories per serving don’t add up. Thanks for sharing! You can also, Cheesy Broccoli Hashbrown Bake (Oil-Free), Orange Cranberry Crisp (Gluten-Free & Easy! Sep 30, 2012 - Fluffy vegan pancakes studded with peanuts and chocolate chips and topped with a homemade vegan caramel sauce. Perfect for slow weekend mornings and brunch. They taste like I’m cheating! Thanks for the recipes, you’ve earned another fan. Light, fluffy, and flavorful. I keep this recipe hanging on my fridge we use it so frequently! These look YUMMY! I’m a new reader to your blog and love the concept of quick/easy and healthy recipes. Your pancakes always look SO darn good! Explore. DO you have to use baking powder or soda? These are fantastic! This is the one that we have been looking for. Thank you for this delicious recipe. Einkorn is a gluten free wheat providing it is milled in a gluten free environment. Yay, thanks for sharing! Incredibly rich, vegan, easy brownies made with just 4 ingredients and 1 bowl! We didn’t have spelt so we used your whole wheat oat ratio. I DEFINITLY recommend using bananas because they took they pancakes to the next level!!!!!! Light, fluffy, and flavorful. Perfect for slow weekend mornings and brunch. Classic Potato Pancakes. 103. Thanks so much for helping us follow the vegan lifestyle with healthy great tasting recipes! 48. Dec 10, 2012 - Our vegan latke recipe uses an egg replacer to make traditional potato pancakes, perfect for anyone needing an alternative recipe for Hanukkah. Looks so tasty and fluffy – I love the use of whole grains in the pancakes! We love them! Shameless flattery aside, I plan to make the batter a few days ahead of time in a giant batch for my after-wedding brunch. They didn’t really bubble though and the batter was pretty thick (but I thinned it out with almond milk and then they were fine.) Because I have to make at least a double batch for my family of six and the kids are never still asleep in their beds – they’re morning people and I am not! Special Diet. Make three or four more potato pancakes this way, and add to skillet without crowding pan. Sooo good with a smear of jam!! Vegetarian Desserts .. ... Vegan Dessert Recipes | Minimalist Baker Recipes. Thank you, Dana! 751. Instructions. We had these this morning and they were lovely with nuts on top, so delicious! Just wondering if I could sub buckwheat flour for the wholewheat? You will not be subscribed to our newsletter list. Recipe by Minimalist Baker. I didn’t have oat or spelt flour at first, so I used 3/4 C whole wheat and 1/4 C coconut flour – worked fine and made them very hearty. This is definitely and definitively the best pancake recipe I have ever made. A hearty, 9-ingredient Vegan Shepherd's Pie that's loaded with veggies and savory lentils and topped with fluffy mashed potatoes. Yes, that should work! But let us know if you try it! Carefully rub skillet with coconut oil or vegan butter. Transfer to a wire rack set inside a rimmed baking sheet; season with salt. Next time, would you mind leaving a rating with your review? 1 head napa or savoy cabbage ((outermost leaves removed // well rinsed)) 1 Tbsp sea salt ((plus more as needed)) 2 Tbsp tamari ((or soy sauce if not gluten-free)) Clean Eating Recipes. A slightly more original take on traditional latkes, these haystacks by Minimalist Baker use corn in addition to potatoes. Your family is still asleep and you have the kitchen, a pot of coffee, and a good book to yourself. He is gonna help me with pancakes. These pancakes are delicious! thanks for sharing, Jule! Ah yes! My somehow turned out to be very dry, couldn’t eat them without agav syrup and peanut butter. I also added pumpkin spice because….pumpkin!! Sep 30, 2012 - Fluffy vegan pancakes studded with peanuts and chocolate chips and topped with a homemade vegan caramel sauce. Onions are half of the classic latke anyway, but Indian spicing will make this Vegan Richa recipe a unique addition. Slightly nutty Just wanted to verify in case anyone with a gluten issue may accidentally think spelt is gluten free! Well done! Xo. Thank you for this recipe, these pancakes are amazing!!! 1 packet Instant yeast* ((or use rapid-rise yeast. The oats add a delicious nutty aroma, and the addition of the spelt flour makes these feel wholesome and filling. First time I made them with blueberries and the second time I made them with pumpkin spice. We used Einkorn flour rather than spelt as it was all we had — but everything else was the same and they came out really fluffy :-) I made these with the oat flour sub, but the middles came out gooey. I didn’t have ground flax, so I used an equivalent amount of chia seeds and the pancakes held together very well. I mean, everyone knows samosas are the best appetizer, so why not make them into latkes? Another less-traditional spin on latkes, these chickpea pancakes by Vegan Richa look delicious — and more nutritious — than your average latke. And yes our family is asleep, except for my twin brother Curtis. I put warm blueberry compote (made from frozen blueberries in freezer) and bananas and walnuts on them and it was unbelievable!