Jeffy Wilfred Jeffy (Birthname: Jeffy François Jeffy), or simply referred to as Jeffy, is one of the main characters in the SuperMarioLogan series. Yes I know, I’m sort of weird, but that's besides the point in all honesty. (Zooms to Brooklyn T Guy's eyes and fades out). Mario: I don't know what to say, please don't age-restrict us. Brooklyn T. Guy is at the door with a tank top on, and he asks if Mario wants to go fishing. Mario:PLZ,Money God,PLZ,Jeffy Want A Computer For A Ice Cream Sandwich! cause that makes my day worse (Cuts to the kitchen). I couldn't believe my eyes as I had my hands over my mouth and I breathed heavily. Mario: It's okay jeffy. Brooklyn T Guy: ONE, TWO, THREE, (Bullet had shot Mario) damn, I had shot him, but whatever, I'm gonna report it to the boss. Almanzar went on to say that she was worried that she would "get jumped." and don't say that word again. The video had no views obviously, but the channel also had no subscribers and had the default Youtube icon and channel banner, I thought it closed down. Let's say I've worked hard on my art to improve through the years... spent nights and days up only to draw. I don't like it." It was a very unusual title, usually the title of an SML movie or short is just the character's name and what the video is about after said character's name, it didn't even have the usual exclamation mark at the end of the title. It was too detailed. Mario:Because I Don't Have A Computer To Buy It; Jeffy:SAY IT TO THE MONEY GOD AND HAVE MONEY TO HAVE THE COMPUTER!!! The video starts with Jeffy playing with a triangle instrument, and he claims to Mario that every time he hears a ding sound, he just pooped in his pants. Now, I may or may not make more of these, it all depends on how well you like it! WARNING: THIS ALTERNATIVE ENDING IS FROM 2017 AND REALLY OLD BY THE TIME IT WAS MADE, HENCE WHY MY GRAMMAR ISN'T THAT GOOD AS IT IS NOWADAYS. A day has passed, and I decide to finally send Logan an email about the video, he has this to say; Please listen to this email as thoroughly as you possibly can. Jeffy let out a huge scream, the scream happened so suddenly, it nearly gave me a heart attack. Jeffy dings the triangle, and starts doing it over and over again. HOPE YOU ENJOY IT THOUGH. "I DON'T LIKE GREEN BEANS, DADDY!" "I-I'm sorry" Brooklyn Guy said in a depressing voice "We done everything w-we could, but he's gone..." he looked down at the floor, trying to avoid eye contact with Mario and Rosalina. Chef Pee Pee: Jr Why would you say … (doorbell sounds) They are both of French descents, except Jacques, who is entirely French. Chef Pee Pee looked down at the floor in utter shock, as the scene ended. cause that makes my day worse (Cuts to the kitchen). Brooklyn T Guy: (Get's furious) RATS, (Sighs) I can't believe i- wait for a second, they're stuck in a Chinese trap in their hand and I shot them by MISTAKE!, Hold On! and don't say that word again. I don't know why I clicked on this. Jeffy yelled, "WHAT IS IT GONNA TAKE TO GET THROUGH YOUR THICK ITALIAN MUSTACHE, TO KNOW THAT I DON'T LIKE GREEN BEANS!" Mario and his wife, Rosalina were standing next to Jeffy, they both softly whimpered, no music was playing, the couple both silently sobbed for a while, it was sad to watch, I even felt like crying myself, just then, the doctor came in, it was Brooklyn T. Guy, one of my favorite characters, I was expecting him to lighten up the mood and I'd hoped he'd crack one of his sarcastic jokes, but unfortunately, he only made the scene feel even more dismal. Mario said all distraught, he cried, although Mario's crying sounded like his normal crying and less realistic. Brooklyn T Guy: And now you're next, time for you to be blown away, bitch! Jeffy: Well say Goodbye to your Favorite Vacuum Cleaner! uh, I guess I'm just gonna have to go to school with you. Listen, I've been stressed out for months and months and talking with you has only made my deep secret come more clear to you, this Youtube thing is seriously not working out for me anymore, I tried to gather up the crew to make a video, but not just any video, a video to express my emotions on the situation i'm dealing with right now. i'm sorry for saying that word. No, I'm not saying I'm against edgy jokes, I mean, obviously Jeffy has made a lot of jokes about genitals and other things and things like that and personally for me, I don't think that there's really a big issue with it, well, I mean, if it was an average joke that actually played well but with Jeffy however, most of the jokes that Jeffy … Jeffy: SUCK MY ASS! (Mario punches jeffy in the throat.) Holding a knife, he threatens to cut himself. Blue M&M Officer: (Sighs) you messed up bigger this time guy, you shot 2 people whilst they're trying to get the Chinese trap off their hand, that's inexcusable, Brooklyn T Guy: but sir, they were trying to rob someone else's house, it's not my fault, they should've not robbed someone else's. Bowser Jr: (wears his suit) Yo Chef pee pee! The next scene opened up with a shot of a hospital, Jeffy was in a hospital bed, on life support, his ECG (Electrocardiography) monitor was barely beeping and it looked like it was about to flat-line at any moment, Jeffy looked grotesque, he was severely thin, his face looked like a ghoul, there were wrinkles all around his eyes and mouth, Jeffy even whimpered and coughed, it didn't sound like those fake coughs, it sounded like he was in pain, it was so realistic, I almost thought I heard someone cough in my own room. I felt shaky as the scene went on. FYI, I was able to buy the parts way cheaper than the Rebrickable estimator is saying, it only cost me around $35 on Bricklink. Suddenly, The Breaking News report plays with Goodman stating that world-renowned Painter, Jacques Pierre François has died, and states that he reportedly shot himself in the head making a Painting called \"The Suicide\", and left his million dollar fortune to his only child whose identity is currently unknown, which is jeffy. He is the adoptive son of Mario and Rosalina. Jeffy started to shake on the floor, he was foaming out the mouth, and you could clearly see tears on Jeffy's face, they didn't look like ordinary droplets of water or the fake eyelids they put on the characters to make them look sad, the tears looked realistic. My hand started to tremble as I placed it on my mouse and clicked the play button. Jeffy: (rolls his eyes) Oh my gooooooood. is the second single written and performed by Jeffy (J-Fee). Kid Murder at Home Because He's Grounded (Lost Video), Adventue Times Lost Episode: Finn's Suicide, BFB 29: The Death Of Four and X (Series Finale), MCPECreepypastaMaker/Pinkie Pie's Suicide, Dead Bart Lost "The Simpsons" Episode VHS Footage, "Creator makes episode to express their feelings" part included, We can add categories whenever we want you poopy head, DOGGIS MANIA NEW UPDATE! Brooklyn T Guy: well, that was payback for not keeping an eye on your kid in the zoo, you god-damn maniac, now it's time to get killed. Blue M&M Officer: I don't want to hear it, guy (sighs) you know how much trouble you're in, what you did to 2 people was inhumane, I've got the DA breathing down my neck, they're making me melt in their mouth, not in their hand, I'm gonna need your badge and gun right now. Brooklyn T Guy: one, two, you're gonna put those hands in the air, three! Jeffy was born in a porta-potty at 7 Jeffy Street Paris, France, on August 21, 2004, to prostitute Nancy and painter Jacques Pierre François. Jeffy ran to the kitchen where Chef Pee Pee was cooking a meal. The video started off really light hearted, as a typical SML Movie should, Jeffy was patting his diaper as usual and Mario told Jeffy in a serious tone of voice to stop, Jeffy ignored Mario obviously and continued smacking his crotch. Jeffy: Well. The text fades away along with the music, and the video ends. I'm scared. "I don't like it, with their big-ass trucks." Jeffy Jeffy(né François)[7]is one of the main characters and occasionally an antagonist of theSuperMarioLoganfranchise. Jeffy? Rosalina also said something, I couldn't understand her though, as previously mentioned, her voice was too distorted. Jeffy: Kiss Camie's Ass Goodbye, Loser! You're going to go through a series of questions, and answer HONESTLY. It is the sequel to "Why?" That was when the scene started to feel out of place, the camera was focused on Jeffy for an uncomfortable amount of time. He didn't give me an answer, all he did was hang up, I was confused to say the least, I never seen Logan so anxious before. SuperMarioLogan appeared on Good Morning America in May 2018 and people disliked bomb the news flash on YouTube in which parents don't allow kids to watch mature content like what Jeffy is saying when cussing. don't be so rude. ... snowkyu Oct 22, 2018. Mario: Please, Jeffy, Please, Don't do this to me! He is also sometimes an anti-hero likeBowser Junior. Don't kill someone when someone doesn't do anything wrong. Jeffy: FINE, JESUS FUCK! Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. As the scene of crying finally ended, it faded to black. "What the fuck?" (Bullet had shot Jeffy), Mario: (Screams) WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU DO THIS TO MY SON, YOU JUST SHOT HIM. {KEY_LINK}Jeffy{/KEY_LINK} has a new year's resolution After hurling a television from a balcony, Jeffy is shown weeks later dressed in black and depressed, saying, "I don't want to live anymore". Bring me my Jeffy-poo. Jeffy got more enraged. I exclaimed to myself. Then, the doorbell rings. I needed to pause the video. Mario: WHAT JEFFY I'VE ALREADY BEEN MAD AT YOU! Jeffy: Well daddy, looks like I don't have to go to school today. whats up f****t! Mario continued to cry, Rosalina stopped crying though, she just sat there, not feeling any emotion, she didn't even turn to look at Mario crying, she just stared menacingly at the camera, as if she knew I was watching. "Wanna See My Pencil?" ... just not the ship I'm not saying you have to stop shipping I'm just saying I don't like the ship ... 2020. Jeffy Throws the Vacuum off the Balcony Mario: AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!! It is about Jeffy asking everybody if they want to see his pencil. You are more than welcome to say hello at Check more cool new tab themes with HD wallpaper at ! Jeffy: Fucking why, Mario: Because you putting super glue into the Chinese trap, now go to school and when you get home, you're even more grounded. I know you hate jeffy, what are you thoughts on Jeffy's Biological mother, Nancy Jeffy? You don’t need to be rude about it and constantly demand to have him removed. i'm sorry for saying that word. Jeffy: *Gasp* You're gonna go to school with my daddy? And no I’m not a six year old. . (Jeffy puts duct tape on his mouth) Jeffy: Too bad, You stupid Mexican-Italian irresponsible fuck! Mario: yes, finally, it works Jeffy, Thank you so much, I knew it would work, but you're grounded! Jeffy:Ice Cream Sandwich Is Ice Cream On The Inside And Crunchy Chocolate Bread On The Outside; Mario:No,Jeffy; Jeffy:WHY,DADDY? Mario told Jeffy to be a good boy because he was going out to the store and he promised Jeffy if he was good, he'd pick out a toy for him at Toys R' Us. S o far this video that Logan has made is what I would consider the worst video of 2020. Not his original channel, but THIS. (:". Just because you personally don’t like him doesn’t make him bad I’m sorry but ‘old school’ sml fanboys are even worse than Jeffy fanboys because they act like they’re high and mighty and anyone who likes Jeffy is bad. Jeffy responded with "OK, Daddy." He doesn’t have anyone to watch Jeffy, though, so Brooklyn Guy gets frus… Jeffy was saying he wanted to be evacuated saying it would be the honorable way to leave, and the producers were just like "laugh out loud, no, that's bulls*it he's gonna stay right where he is and get voted out". Jeffy was first born in a porta-potty at 7 Jeffy Street Paris, France, on August 21, 2004, to prostitute Nancy and painter Jacques Pierre François. I myself am a 15 year old girl. Mario: Oh, you're going to school. whats up f****t! Then, Radiohead's "Creep" started playing in the background. The scene ended with a shot of Jeffy's ECG (Electrocardiography) monitor as it went flat. Jeffy (choking): At least I smacked hoes. I just want to start of by saying how sorry I am you had to see that video, showing you it was a huge mistake, I don't know what went through my head when I decided it was a good idea to link that tasteless video to you, it's my own fault. Jeffy: Daddy! It was silent for 30 seconds. "G-G-G" Rosalina broke into tears before even finishing her farewell, her crying didn't sound like the way she cries in a regular episode, her crying sounded as though her voice actor was actually crying instead. "Trump supporters are everywhere, I'm scared," she repeated. You can post stuff like fan art, ideas, clips,memes,scripts, and more! Seconds later, I received a pop-up notification from Gmail, It was from Logan. SuperMarioLogan: Saying Our Goodbyes to Jeffy is an ultra quality article! 1 Synopsis 2 Plot 3 Characters 4 Trivia 4.1 Errors 5 Poll Jeffy turns into a zombie! I know I promised not to spill the beans on this or anything, but I must let it out... You may or may not have heard of a relatively popular Youtube series called "SuperMarioLogan" a show in which Mario characters (or sometimes other Nintendo characters or random puppets) have wacky and sometimes risque conflicts that they need to solve in some weird way. Logan stated he made this to "express himself" it doesn't seem like he's doing that, it seems like he linked me this video just to scare me, I was praying that once the video ended, there would be a message like "you just got rekt loser" or something along those lines. The video in question was called "SML Movie: Saying our Goodbyes to Jeffy". Mario doesn’t feel like it but then says yes. Jeffy then shows a picture of himself to Mika for no reason and says he's sorry yet again. The scene transitioned to a distorted Jeffy's body, the body was mangled, both of his eyes were ripped out and replaced with empty black holes for sockets, there was stuffing all over him as he was torn to pieces, the music playing in the background was a piano being played normally, except the other instruments being played were all glitched out and hard to listen to, a slight murmur is faintly audible, it almost sounds like Jeffy whimpering as he was in the hospital bed from before. Wiz: Don't get any ideas, Jeffy is a shrewd individual as his arsenal, durability and strength has been shown to change, while he has been shown to also carry other forms of power such as stamina like....patting his diaper. Once I came back, the video was gone and had the "this video does not exist" message on the screen, I tried refreshing but I got the same message, I was so scared and confused, I got out my phone and told my parents to come home as soon as possible, my mom responded with a simple "why?" This is considered Jeffy's very last appearance. As the usual italian music played as the scene transitioned, Chef Pee Pee was making an inedible looking dinner as usual, until Jeffy ran into the kitchen, screaming at the top of his lungs. Jeff's arm is really short here o_o. Thanks! Mario and Rosalina both gradually inched their way towards Jeffy, their sobbing getting louder and louder the closer they get. It cut to the room from that one episode, "The Secret Door". Hours later, he's knocked out. No. Jeffy barely even moved an inch, at first I thought this was a mistake and Logan just forgot to stop the camera while recording, after all, this was an unreleased episode so I expected it to not be edited very well. I don't like this s**t. ... Trump supporters are everywhere. Geoshea's Lost Episodes Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. and Mario went out the door. It will be the only way to determine how Jeff would actually feel about you. Instead of saying anything else, Mario just asked, "What? (Scene cuts to front door) Brooklyn T Guy: Well, you actually are a hero for capturing the money thief even though it's your … Jeffy continued shouting, "WHAT DO YOU MEAN?!" SuperMarioLogan was and still is a huge hit, earning millions, and I mean millions of views each day, now having almost 5 million subscribers, it's quite crazy seeing a youtuber who films himself playing with dolls would have so many fans (even though most of them are said 13 year old boys.). Chef Pee Pee: Jr Why would you say … "P-Please, say your final goodbyes to Jeffy....." and with that said, Brooklyn Guy calmly walked out the door. Mario: I can't believe none of that worked, I don't know what to do. Wanna-see-myyy pencil? I do not want to hear your shit today. is the 552nd episode of SML Movies. The description of the video wasn't any less stranger, it read; "After many fan requests, Jeffy finally gets killed off! My parents weren't home today, so I got chat with Logan for a little bit, I recently told Logan via Facetime of any upcoming videos, Logan laughed and told me a couple of ideas he planned, I then politely asked Logan if he could show me a video that hasn't been released yet, all of sudden, Logan just blanked out, his breathing suddenly became more heavy, I asked Logan what's up? The bodies were there as always, but it zoomed in on Mario laying there on the floor with a shotgun right next to him. Your positive review is highly appreciated so don’t forget to leave 5 STAR rating! ORIGINAL LINK:!/@comment-32095431-20171220095533, More posts from the SuperBowserLogan community. The brain matter, the blood, EVEN THE BODY. Boomstick: Jeffy isn't perfect. Jeffy. Mario: WHAT JEFFY I'VE ALREADY BEEN MAD AT YOU! Mario: DON’T YOU GIVE ME SHIT! NOT MY VACUUM!!!! Yes I know that this is suppose to be an Animated Atrocity but the way the YouTuber does his videos seems like it would be like a cartoon. Jeff's like: Fuck off, I don't know what your talking about! Why are you screaming?" Jeffy Says he is, and if Mario or Rosalina feeds him green beans, he will throw the biggest tantrum Mario and Rosalina has ever seen. Jeffy: I Bet you like to stick your finger up in your anus! I shuttered like an earthquake, I just wished this was all just a bad nightmare, and that'd I wake up. This episode and video will make it up to fans who hate Jeffy. Sneaking out the crib, Just "cuz" like a Crip oath Essential. [Chorus] Wanna-see-myyy pencil? SML Lesson: Don't kill someone when someone doesn't do … Reply. "Zombie Jeffy!" Mario: Oh-no no no no no NO!!!!! Jeffy started to shake on the floor, he was foaming out the mouth, and you could clearly see tears on Jeffy's face, they didn't look like ordinary droplets of water or the fake eyelids they put on the characters to make them look sad, the tears looked realistic. Mario: it's a Chinese trap, not a gun, and you shot my child! The episode starts with Jeffy at the dinner table, with Rosalina asking him if he’s ready for dinner. Bowser Jr: (wears his suit) Yo Chef pee pee! Dthecreepypastastalk Feb 11, 2018. I really like the updates I made and was happy to finally be able to post it here. A subreddit for fans of SuperMarioLogan, SuperLuigiLogan, SuperBowserLogan, and TitoTotter. The show is mostly watched by 13 year old boys, despite the humor being a bit too suggestive. I said softly to myself, Logan loved Jeffy, not to mention Jeffy was the main reason of Logan reaching insane numbers of views and subscribers, it seemed extremely out of place for him to kill off the most popular SML character, I decided to stop letting my worried behavior get a hold of me, and I started the video. "Wait what? . Please whatever you do, NEVER, and I mean NEVER tell anybody about this video, you have to promise me name withheld on behalf of my fanbase, and me. Mario: Because you putting super glue into the Chinese trap, now go to school and when you get home, you're even more grounded. and I replied with crying hard and pleading, my mom hung up as quickly as possible and she sent me text that said "we're coming home asap" I sat on my bed, traumatized, waiting for them to come home. "What the actual fuck am I watching!?" It is also the sequel to Bowser Junior, Cody, Joseph, Chef Poo Poo, Richard, and Jeffy's Ultimate Mess! The next scene began at the red couch where the characters usually sit on, Mario and Rosalina are both sitting there, the atmosphere of the scene didn't look right, it was dark and dreary, the couple both looked at each other and sighed, the sighing soon turned into quiet whimpers, Rosalina started to cry loudly, but Mario was just sobbing faintly, the crying continued on for a minute, the scene began to distort, there was a static interference coming on the screen every now and again, the scene started to slowly turn black and white like an old movie from the 1920s, Rosalina's sobbing got louder and more distorted, I could barely even tell if she was crying anymore, Mario on the other hand, actually was crying, his voice stayed the same as Rosalina's voice only worsened. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts,!/@comment-32095431-20171220095533. Goodman: Breaking News M'KAY, 2 people have been shot whilst they're trying to get the Chinese trap off their hand, the police officer accused them of no reason, and now the Chinese traps had been banned, more on the story as it develops m'kay. Now I don't mean to brag or anything but i'm a good friend of Logan Thirtyacre, the owner of the SuperMarioLogan channel, ever since Logan started a Patreon, he has been getting a so-so good amount of money, it wasn't something to write home about or anything, but it's bittersweet to know that Logan has fans who really care about him, but anyways I am his top patron, giving him well over 1000 dollars a month (I really don't care if i'm wasting Christmas money for this) now as part of the reward tier, Logan has personally given me his phone number, he also occasionally facetimes me, this to me, was a pretty cool experience, actually talking to someone whom i'm such a big fan of, what could be better? Jeffy: Daddy! CHARACTER: VEN A DOGGIS, STOP ADDING THE DORBEES EVERYWHERE CATEGORY OR ELSE I WILL FLUSH MYSELF DOWN THE TOILET, Wanna-see-myyy pencil? Press J to jump to the feed. JEFFY!!!!! I hope some other members like it as well. He made his debut on January 24, 2016 as the main antagonist ofMario The Babysitter!. Mario: Jeffy, Knock it off! Rosalina states that the ne… Suddenly, Jeffy moved his hands to his face. Chef Pee Pee said in a clearly concerned voice. No jokes, no music, no sound effects, nothing. The Amazing World of Gumball: The Grieving. Once my parents came home I ran to them, giving them both a big hug, they hugged back as I bawled my eyes out. This wasn't an SML video at all, this feels more like a sick joke pulled off by Logan, but why would he make this? Heck, yeah! At some point in his life, Jeffy moved to Florida with his parents and Feebee, his little sister, was later killed in a bike accident by Woodyas their mother took her helmet to use as an ashtray, forcing Jeffy to always wear his helm… Ik i haven’t posted on this channel in a phat minute, but i plan on posting a little more in the coming months. Mario: I don't know what to say, please don't age-restrict us. The song is performed in Jeffy The Rapper 2. I almost threw up. Then it revealed that he had killed himself and it even showed his brain matter and blood on the walls. Mario: Jeffy no Don't you do that, if you throw my Favorite Vacuum Cleaner off the Balcony you're So Dead! Jeffy: Well. I was distraught, I wailed and cried in the corner as I laid on my stomach for a little while. Mario: NO! Chef Pee Pee looked down at the floor in utter shock, as the scene ended. Mario: It's okay jeffy. In other hand, both fans of SML and SMG4 debate on which channel and content is better. The camera zooms into Jeffy's sliced up face, it almost resembled a crime scene. I mean, the opposite of perfect. She even complained about the supporters' trucks. In addition this extension will change your default search. Ever since that day, Jeffy has been very popular, similar toBowser Junior. Jeffy, what did you say?" being your stereotypical American rap song as it's quite repetitive. There wasn't anything after that, not even an SML question. Jeffy's Executionis the first episode of season 13 made in SuperMarioLogan 2.0. At the end of the Email was a link to an unlisted Youtube video, not on the SuperMarioLogan channel, but on another channel made by Logan I never even heard of called "supermariologan1994". After the scene slowly faded to black as the music continues to play, white text on a black background appeared. He kinda harmed the reputation of SML, you know. Blue M&M Officer: Because you shot 2 people outside their house, so badge and gun right now! The character was created by Logan Thirtyacre and Elaina Keyes. Now I wanna be honest with you name withheld, I kind of lied, I was just in a hurry to write that other email to you that I sort of rushed out an explanation, the truth is, that video you saw was made in response to my haters, since Jeffy's first appearance, I already planned on an episode to kill him off... but it got too real, and I decided it was a good idea to edit the video a bit, you know, give it a bit of "pizzazz" wanted this video to have a bit of a more darker tone, and the Jeffy haters that started popping up just gave me more reasons to finish this particular video, but in the end, the video didn't seem right, so I unlisted the video and put it on my account I was originally going to upload videos on just for safe keeping, however, after thinking for a while, I deleted the video, although, I think it was too late, you already watched it anyways.