Deaths Fiction notice:All banter and fighting seen in streams/videos are purely fictional and should not be taken seriously. He has stated that although he is fine with it being a headcanon, it is not a part of the story he has constructed and will not roleplay it as such. While Phil was initially angry at Ranboo for joining the Butcher Army and contributing to him being put under house arrest, he saw that Ranboo didn't really want to be there and forgave him after Ranboo came by to apologize later. Through this, Tommy communicated his emotions while Ranboo shared the events occurring in L'Manberg and Dream SMP. Sometimes, he also mutes himself on voicechat to check on his voices to ensure they are well, often after a long conversation and thus neglection of his viewers for a while. Despite once being on opposing sides of the rebellion, Quackity and Tommy now have a positive relationship. Tommy often is very protective of Tubbo, his best friend. Tommy recognizes him as the man who first betrayed him and the L'Manbergians. Techno shielded Tommy from Dream during an attempt to take him back to exile, and Tommy started seeing Techno in more of a positive light. Tommy had a short appearance during the first attempt of Wilbur's resurrection. After being confronted by Tubbo and other members of the cabinet, Tommy was taken into custody and accused of the crime. Three days after his house arrest started, Tubbo visited him and gave him a pair of new Ankle Monitor boots that were unremovable (they were enchanted with the curse of binding). FamicomLass SMP [Java/Bedrock] Online! Technoblade then told Tommy a story about Theseus, a mythical Greek hero who killed the Minotaur but was exiled in disgust by the townspeople and died alone. Tommy's always scamming people, Wilbur's off blowing shit up, and now you're trying to scam ME!" During this time, Ninja also visited the server, and Tommy gave him a tour of the SMP while on a temporary visa given for this purpose. He recognized his mistakes, and tried to fix it, handing the exact same Mars to him. However Tommy did not want power and gave the position Wilbur, who then passed it to Tubbo. Philza After Tommy and Ranboo robbed GeorgeNotFound’s property, Dream demanded that Tommy be exiled. The server (and the mentioned war) was inspired by Dream’s SMP and the war with L’Manberg, and will heavily imitate it. This page is about the character on the Dream Team SMP. Suddenly, Tommy had a second thought and realized that he doesn't like what he's done and hates himself for it, recognizing his fixation on the discs has made him hateful. "You're fucking dead to me" - Phil to Fundy as a response to Fundy saying "I still love you, grandpa" after the Butcher Army put Philza in house arrest. First home was on the obsidian wall of L'Manberg, but was set free after Dream took down the walls. Phil researched through ancient texts to decipher and re-learn the lost art of resurrection, and played a key role in the first resurrection attempt in recreating the time when he killed his son. Yes, this is self promotion, but look, I am a good guy. He realized that Wilbur had gone insane and tried several times to convince Wilbur not to give up hope. Philza has resided within L'Manberg, even being granted citizenship, but has questioned where his loyalties really lie. Phil helped Tommy rebuild his house, and even though he had not formally joined Tommy's side, he was greatly considering it, citing that he enjoys Tommy's company. Techno joined Dream SMP to aid Tommy and Wilbur during the Manberg Rebellion. In this video, KianKSG discusses the Dream SMP Discord Server being leaked and people on Twitter and Instagram spreading private DMs to gain followers. He was nearly given an unremovable helmet as well, but Ghostbur and later Tubbo accidentally put it on, leading to Phil not having to wear it. Their relationship soured a bit after Phil chose to defend Techno, who Tommy despised for his role in the destruction of L'Manberg. I did. Killed by Sam with his thorns armor. here is a quick breakdown of the important events that happened on the dream smp on december 15th. To join our community, please login or register and fill in the application form! hello! During the exile conflict, Fundy agreed with Tommy's idea of fighting Dream by forming an army with Techno and the citizens against Dream. Tommy took initiative and began putting up a billboard in the center of the country banning various things. Tommy told Sapnap that he does not have to accept his request, but he would greatly appreciate it. Only gets one life due to his nature of playing hardcore[1] Eventually, wanting to protect his country and not start further conflict with Dream, Tubbo chose to exile Tommy, possibly altering their relationship forever. This page is about the character from the Dream Team SMP. Wilbur Soot (brother, deceased) Tubbo (adoptive brother) Tommy then threatened him into taking down the wall immediately, saying that Dream had no longer had any actual leverage over him anymore. Tommy, though considered the main character of the SMP, probably grinds for materials the least out of the people who play regularly on the server besides Quackity.